Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Under the Big Empty

I can't see any foreclosed houses from the hotel pool.  I do see a 5 story apartment building going up across the street. It looks cheap enough to fall down befoe it gets its supporting siding and paint.  It ill have the airport to the front and a hotel to the side. I look at it from poolside. Trees consist of a scattering of short palm trees whole leaves rustle like the pom-poms of tired cheerleaders, most of whose friends have already left.  There a party on the other side of the pool - Hilton Honors. the tall greeter, who much be a supervisor, is white. Every other employee is a person of color - mostly Latino, who can be seen everywhere doing all of the work, literally 100%, and a few South Asians.  Jets roll off the runway at John Wayne screened from view by the hotel.  Their steep angle keeps things quieter over the hedge funds heads below at Newport Beach, and up here they make a military roar.  Southern Cal has always been great for aviation - endless flat plains, steady onshore switching to offshore breeze. endless emptiness of the sky.  It's not so good for the people of the empty sky. the unchanging breeze ripples the pool surface that no one swims.
Earlier that morning, same hotel, other side:

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