Sunday, June 06, 2010

Perfect Storm

Here's interesting death-trip summary of Friday's economic activity by Bo Peng
Friday's US equities market strikes me as being highly unusual.

1. S&P 500 followed a perfect straight channel down through out the day.
2. VIX only touched 36.

In other words, there's never any sign of panic or crash, which is quite remarkable when the broad market is down 3-4% across the board; the Dow broke the symbolic 10,000 level, EURUSD broke the symbolic 1.2 level, interbank funding and corporate/muni bond markets have all but dried up, next housing sales are bound to be bad as predicted by the latest mortgage application number, a number of government bond auctions (Brazil, Hungary, Romania, Spain -- almost) have failed, CDS on French sovereign shot up. For the weekend: US bank seizures and Spanish bank mergers/failures, Bilderberg Club to decide on dismantling the Euro, BP (BP) oil washing up Florida beaches, etc

I doubt there's ever been a day like Friday before.

Panic is usually followed by quick reversals. But calculated, organized retreat means gone for good. This is well-controlled retreat. The calm is scary. A perfect storm is brewing.

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