Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dismal Dems

Driving the point home about the failing Democrats, John Nichols blogs in the Nation that Obama and the Congressional Dims "continue to make the mistake of treating unemployment as an afterthought rather than the most serious issue facing the nation."  Writing about last week's Republican victories, he points out that " in New Jersey and especially in Virginia, where Republican candidates in high-profile races focused tightly on economic issues and job creation, they won." And Fr. Frank's Sunday sermon notes,
The system is going back to the way it was with a vengeance, against a backdrop of despair. As the unemployment rate crossed the 10 percent threshold at week’s end, we learned that bankers were helping themselves not just to bonuses as large as those at the bubble’s peak but to early allotments of H1N1 vaccine.  . . . both parties have their own delusions, not the least of which is the Republicans’ conviction that Tuesday was a referendum on what Obama has done so far. If anything, it was a judgment on just how much he has not.

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