Monday, September 28, 2009

Future of Housing?

At Calitics, Robet Cruickshank has a nice piece on boomer housing fortunes and looming failures - the housing boom as a short-cut to wealth that has helped wreck California and that won't save their retirement either.  It's more  relearning of the old lessons we stuipidly forgot, and maybe too late . . .

Here's his summary of the dumbness:
After having spent 30 years steadfastly refusing to pay higher taxes to help provide to younger generations the affordable education, health care, and other benefits [boomers] themselves enjoyed when they were younger, they have now created a situation where they'll either have to live in their paid-off houses without the ability to provide for their own needs, or will have to sell for cash at fire sale prices in a marketplace without enough buyers.

thanks to Michael M for the link

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