Friday, August 07, 2009

England, Take a Permanent Vacation

Vacation was so great - same place as last year, and the year before - the Shire, version française, meaning the Morvan, and our friends Susan and Claude's old house in the village of Montarin. More of that later. I have to catch up with hundreds of emails on the university blog, but had to link to this story about the British Council replacing workers with Indian subsitutes that first follow the workers that they are going to replace around on the job.

As I said two years ago in the link above, France has it's problems - like its stupid banking laws that the big bonus-getters haven't fixed enough so that I can draw a check in one branch of HSBC-France from an account I opened in another branch. But France will not be voluntarily ripping up and destroying itself like those wankers to the north.

Think about it. Britain has a government council to promote its culture abroad decides to use that council to showcase the practice of outsourcing the jobs that promote that culture, and does this by creating international ties between the workers it fires and the workers who are replacing them. It gives me a real bad feeling: This country doesn't have any REAL self-respect, and it doesn't have a future. Unlike the Morvan!

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