Thursday, April 02, 2009

G20 in France

France 2's 8 PM news spent 12-15 minutes lavishly covering the G20 and found an economist to validate the claims of Gordon Brown, Nicholas Sarkozy, and Barak Obama that an historic economic accord had been reached. There would be stimulus (Brown and Obama) and regulation (Sarkozy). The Indians, Brazilians, and Chinese were not quoted.

At about 8:15 or so the anchorman mentioned a web poll that France 20 had conducted in France. The question was, "Faites-vous confiance au G20 pour changer les r├Ęgles de l'├ęconomie mondiale ?" (Do you have believe that the leaders of the G20 can change the rules of the global economy?). The response so far is about 93% NO.

The abyss continues to grow.

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