Monday, January 26, 2009

Bore Me with Some Accounting

It is amazing to see Obama actually being president. It is amazing to have a black President of The United States. I still get a huge kick out of thinking that sentence.

Plus this week he did all sorts of direct and immediate things, including his orders ending at least some kinds of torture and ending the "global gag rule" on abortions.

One order Obama hasn't signed yet is the one that makes the bank bailout transparent. We're still where we were in November. No accounting, reckoning, explaining, or minimal tracing of the TARP funds expenditures.

There's also no repentance, conversion, rethinking - except for the moment of weakness from Greenspan. No one is sorry. The people who lost a ton of money got a whole lot more. Their Republican advocates are out there whaling away on the Obama plan as though their ideas and policies hadn't created the biggest financial disaster since, well, the last time they screwed up and created the Great Depression.

What will make them stop? What will get a plan in place that will help the non-rich? We need Watergate hearings or worse on why the system went so bad, where the money went, and how to get the money back into public systems.

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