Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Little Distracted

Paris transportation was shut down today by the strike. We went looking for the revolution on foot, couldn't find it at the Bastille, and were told by cops that the route of the revolution had changed. By the time we got to Nation, the revolution had moved to the cafes, where les militants were blowing their sheephorns for additional wine. This was a post-revolutionary state I could relate to. But the media didn't care about stuff like social movements, because they were too busy covering the ins and outs of Cecilia Sarkozy dumping Le Jogger out in the open, having covered for him during the election, so he could play the man in charge of everything including his wife. Meanwhile, if you are noticing the financial meltdown, and are one of the undumb members of the economic other 90 percent who hasn't been wafted upwards by the right-wing pseudoeconomics for the last five or twenty-five years, and have begun to notice that many financial columnists are truly insane, you might be ready to read a long piece on structured investment vehicles as a down payment on getting the big picture on who's been screwing you. Enjoy - just one of many past and future attempts to turn over the financial rocks to see what crawls out.

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