Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bimbo Geeks

I've been reading this story about Google founders Page and Brin getting special permission to use Moffett Field less than 2 miles from their offices because instead of having a Gulfstream V like all the other billionaire moguls, they have a wide-body Boeing 767. It reminded me that the last Boeing mogul was Hugh Hefner, who loved publishing pictures of himself in his Playboy Jet.

I could crankily note the exclusive deals governments love to shower on rich folks these days (as noted by Google's neighbors in the article). Or how the science angle makes plutocrats look hip, deserving, and loveably pranksterish - when I look at Page and Brin, I think Austin Powers, not Rupert Murdoch. Or how Google is a good emblem of total privatization in our day and age.

But then I wondered, will Google Air bring back Hef's airplane outfits? Or at least PSAs?

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